Welcome to Accede Holdings Pty Ltd

ACCEDE HOLDINGS Pty Ltd (Accede) was established in 1984.  We started by supplying IT solutions to businesses. We adhere to our motto “To provide computerised solutions that are efficient, effective, and of value” as much today as when we started. Accede is a proven private enterprise that provides custom database solutions and information systems for businesses in Australia and other countries. 

During our first years of business, we noticed a disturbing attitude in the IT Industry.  This was that the IT companies wanted to lock in their clients by owning the source code.  At Accede we only want to work in a win/win relationship with our clients.  Accede has therefore always provided its source code for all applications to the client.  One of the major benefits of working with Accede, is that you own your source code.  Your company is not locked into staying with us.  We want to have a good long term relationship with you, based on the merits of our performance.

Accede has always supported clients and created applications.  The R&D grant offered by the Australian Federal Government, has enabled Accede to develop some products that we are currently taking to the international market.  These products include ODBC WriteNow  and  CRM-Map.  Both of these products utilise Accede’s strength in cloud-based performance and IT integration.

The ODBC WriteNow product, is a read, write simple data synchronisation tool for people that use MYOB Account Right – the MYOB online product.  This is a very fast stable tool for people who need to have a seamless integration to their online MYOB company data.

CRM-Map is a way that a business can take its data to Google Maps in a read-only, or read, write, and edit manner.  It allows your people who are on site, to use their Google Maps, to read history, add information and even do automatic functions such as auto-invoicing, all from Google Maps.  This is not only a great marketing tool, but also a way that you can communicate to and from your on-site staff in a cost-effective manner.  This is currently being released to the market.

The development of cloud technologies has brought about less dependency on hardware. However, the understanding of what facilities are available and how to use them to best advantage, for many companies is confusing.  This is Accede’s niche, and where we excel. We are regularly sought out for advice and assistance by businesses as they consider their options and the best way to implement them with minimal business interruption.

Accede’s applications cover a wide variety of businesses including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, services, medical, legal, building, and government.   We continue to create applications and database solutions.  The creativity is an area we really enjoy, and produce useful reliable solutions – which our clients will attest to.

Accede works as a custom software developers team to produce the solutions our clients need to gain an edge in efficiency and productivity.  Recommendations for purchase, implementation and support are made in the context of the total computing requirements of a client.   

As a result of the technical evolution of the computer industry, Accede is constantly researching new technologies and tools, so that we can offer the best solutions and advice to our business clients.  We plan to offer our business clients the best IT Solutions now and in the future.