MS SQL Database Development Integration

Accede Holdings provides top of the line Microsoft SQL database development service and integration


SQL-Server-2012Accede Holdings, in partnership with Microsoft, provides the best MS SQL database development services and integration that will satisfy your business needs. Microsoft SQL is a database that offers security, strength, true record locking, roll backs and loads and loads more. We strongly recommend MS SQL for our businesses. This is because we know your data will be safe.

It is highly unusual to hear of a company being unable to use its database and the database is MS SQL. However we cannot state the same for many competitive database companies.

MS SQL not only has the relationships built in, but has all the security and automatic indexing. One of the best features of the MS SQL in this day of sharing databases both internally and online is that the code can be written directly into the database using stored procedures. Stored procedures can be triggered by a front end like MS Access or Visual basic, or from your web. But what it means to a user is speed, fast, and consistent.  So your internal calculations, as an example, would always be the same as your web or your PDA’s.

MS SQL also has an automatic backup routine, that will backup while people are working without any negative effect from the operators position.  E.g. no lag or loss of speed.

MS SQL is Microsoft’s flag ship as far as databases are concerned. Even small to medium businesses can take advantage of the power – It can be free where the database is less than 4 Gig in size, which we think is something wonderful.


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