Send SMS messages fast, secure, and easy with SMS GeN

SMS GeN is a fully featured, scalable, cutting-edge SMS messaging service designed to get more value out of your business. We developed SMS GeN to help you send texts messages fast, secure, and easy.

We know that SMS messaging or texting is an effective, speedy, efficient and cost-effective way for businesses and organisations to communicate with customers, clients, employees and partners.


With SMS GeN you can:

  • Send customers an appointment reminder by text
  • Text to your database details of offers, specials and promotions
  • Send messages to your employees
  • Text payment reminders
  • Advise of emergencies

And the lists go on….

If you need low-cost SMS text messaging, SMS GeN is the tool you’ll ever need.


SMS GeN features:

  • Single numbers or large groups- Think it, write it, send it. Whatever the size of your send we’ll have your message out there in seconds.
  • Long messages- Don’t settle for 160 characters, send up to 900 characters per message.
  • Brand your messages- Send from your business name to promote brand identity.
  • Scheduling- Save time and see better results by scheduling your messages with a delivery time that works best for your message.
  • Templates- Save time by storing your common use messages.
  • Stagger delivery- We’ll batch the messages in manageable chunks. Just choose a start time, end time and interval. This is great for when you want to send large volumes or amazing offers.

Setup your SMS GeN tool today at no cost! Our dedicated team based in South Australia will provide you full support in every step of the way.


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