Membership Software Systems

Get a client membership database software that is custom-made for your business needs.

member_detailAccede Holdings provides a functional client membership database software customized to satisfy your business needs. We developed a quick and easy to setup membership system that not only organizes your member’s data but also make it easier for them to manage and edit. Our system is more than just a database as we offer proper membership management and reporting for your organization. We offer 24/7 support system and real-time data management in case something wrong happened in the system.

Our membership database system offers the following features:

  • Easy to use by members and non-members alike.
  • Secured and reliable data management for your organization.
  • Keeps track and records member’s history and information.
  • Manages membership renewals and points system effectively.
  • Provides automated email and subscription for members.
  • Able to add extra fields in the database system.
  • Optional integrate your database with MYOB and other database platforms.


We target not only business entities but also other organizations as well like sports, hobbies, etc. Our system provides associations and clubs with an option to capture and preserve information about their members and their participation in various competitions/offerings. This facilitates easy communication among members in the community.

We have supported various clubs and organizations in Australia such as:

  • Netball Clubs’ Player and results game tracking added
  • Football Clubs’ Player games and injury information added
  • Unions’ Meetings, achievements, certification
  • Medical Groups’ Academic achievements, certification and web interface.


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