Stock Control Systems

Get control of your stock and inventory efficiently with Accede’s Stock Control Systems.

tumblr_inline_my2q3raN8v1sua2zvIt’s a fact that managing your stock and inventory is vital in everyone’s business. Don’t let the opportunity of less cost, more cash flow go away! Learn how Accede Holdings can help you save time, money and space.

Accede created a software solution that helps companies do their stock control making it easier, more organized, and most of all efficient for both the businesses and users. We made sure that our software is 100% full-proof and guarantees minimal to no errors to manage your stock data. You can be sure that your data is protected and secure at all times. We can designate absolute access to your authorized personnel so that they are the only ones who can use the inventory system.

We at Accede believe that by using our efficient stock control, it allows companies to get the right amount of stock at the right place and time. It somehow protects the production if any case problems arise within the supply chain. Our system will put you in control of your stock which enables your organization to manage real-time ordering and deliveries.

Our system can handle any information necessary for your stock management. Here are some of the benefits your company can get with our system:

  • Manage and update your stock status if it is stolen, damaged, or tampered.
  • Manage your stock simultaneously in multiple branches.
  • Manage your supply and demand for every store, branch, and office.
  • Assign multiple access level for your employees.
  • Manage and update stock consignment and stock restrictions.
  • Manage and update your organization’s manufacturing and bill of materials.
  • Manage and update your purchase order receivables and payables.
  • Provides direct interface to invoicing for stock and non stock items
  • Provides actual information for sales person pertaining to budget.
  • Usage of various management tools and stock take reports.
  • Optional links to MYOB with double checks for data accuracy.
  • Optional links to your Point of Sales system, barcode label printing, and scanning.
  • Access your stock information anytime anywhere with our remote accessible system.
  • Manage stock movement information for dispatch and delivery
  • Manage and file your stock history for transaction reviews and reprinting


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