Rental Management Systems

At Accede, we provide cost-effective rental management software solution custom fit to your business needs.

renting-softwareAccede Holdings provides an efficient rental solution for every type of business. We customize the software design and implementation according to their needs as we also provide ongoing support to smoothly run the system. Our rental software systems help organizations to reduce their costs, increase their productivity and provide a new dimension to their retail enterprise. Whether you’re in the construction, health, or transportation business, we do our best to make your work easy through our elevated software systems.

With our rental system, we empower businesses that do direct rental, retailers and distributors that also rent, and even businesses with non-rental asset management needs. With Accede, we have a solution that will give you freedom just right for you. Our rental software is known for:

  • Managing and updating equipment information.
  • Updating the availability status of the equipment.
  • Automatic generation of all hire documents and invoices for extended hire.
  • Providing a detailed asset history from purchasing to safekeeping.
  • Recording the frequency of rentals per asset or equipment.
  • Calculating how much value every asset or equipment has brought in the company.
  • Monitoring quality control and safekeeping for every equipment or asset.
  • Monitoring and updating the asset or equipment’s condition before renting or selling.


Build your Rental Database Solution with Accede!

Accede Holdings is confident that our rental management software solutions can make a dramatic impact on your retail enterprise. Call us at +61 8 8363 5699 or email us at today!