Building Industry Software Systems

Obtain the best building industry software that can handle accounting, bookkeeping, and other functions you need to get the most out of your business.

Construction-Looking-up.No other building industry software can get past the features and capabilities of Accede’s. Whether it is for accounting, invoicing, staff time sheets or bookkeeping, our custom-made building industry system can manage it all in the shortest time possible. We understand how complex it is to develop an efficient software system intended to the building industry. That’s why we employed the capabilities of MYOB to fully handle and run all requirements you will need. In our experience, MYOB is one of those programs that can handle banking, payroll, and general ledger account tracing via a standard accounting package. However all other tracking and management of the business is taken care of by our building industry software. This means that you can compute the exact cost control per job. Also you can easily record true profits as well as manage cashflow, predict job completion dates, and pay your sales people their commissions on time.

We incorporated an efficient reporting function within our building industry system. It can create reports from job quote, job acceptance, job handling, progress payments and all other management concerns within your business. This and more only proves that Accede’s building industry software is just the right solution for you!

Here are the things our Building Industry system can do for you:

  • Handles large and small jobs through our unique job quoting system.
  • Manages and tracks client’s purchase orders.
  • Manages supplier invoice and costing checks.
  • Records and reports sales in any point of time.
  • Manages invoices with multiple styles from a job.
  • Monitors and reports job progress.
  • Generate cost analysis, management, and sales reporting.
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface using MYOB for all payments and receivables.
  • A robust database that can handle multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • Can be operated by multiple users all at once.
  • Can update, edit, or delete information in real time.
  • Can easily attach documents to a job or quote.

With our system, less time is required to run this efficient building industry software. This product is large and does take some time to install and setup. However we have seen the dramatic changes this system can bring to your business.


Build your Industry Software with Accede!

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