MS Access Database to Cloud Transfer


At last – SMEs have equal opportunities in the cloud platform, thanks to Amazon Workspaces.

MS Access to Cloud with Amazon Workspaces

If you have a great business application that your business is using and you need to move to cloud, then we are the people you should be talking to. We have been developing in MS Access since MS Access version 1.

So, we know all the version quirks and needs.  We are specialists in this. We have also been writing web-based databases in the cloud for the last 19 years for businesses, so we are also a specialist in this area.

The most amazing technology for Access applications to get to the cloud is Amazon Workspaces and it really works well.  If you are seriously looking to put your Access Application to the cloud, it is now easy, secure and cost effective.

What do you need to do?

Firstly contact us, and we can load a test example of your application (including any other apps, such as Excel or proprietary software) and we will create a test site for you. You can then test this on your internet, so you get a true indication of the performance of your applications.

How much would this cost?

The average cost of a test is about $50.  Once tested, and you are OK, we would give you a fixed quote. The average Amazon cost to move a full server over and have say 10 workstations is about $400 per month. However, the average cost for an app to be shared is about $50 per month.

Technology is very advanced and stable. Amazon Workspaces is really giving SME’s a true equalizer on the cloud platform.  We have tested this very carefully and are now watching to see how well Amazon competitors perform with this new technology.  We will keep you updated with this web site, so just keep watching.

Try Amazon Workspace cloud integration with Accede Holdings!

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