Barcode Printing Systems

Acquire the best barcode printing solutions for your business today with Accede Holdings!

Accede Holdings provides barcode printing solutions for many clients with various needs and requirements. We are able to make your barcode printed on various materials such as metal and standard sticky paper. We also print your barcode to a much more interesting material such as heat and cold capable paper labels. We also print labels in both black and white and colored.


Barcode consists of parallel lines in different width and spacing. It represents information about a certain product. This line of code can only be read by an optical scanner or barcode reader. The first known barcode is referred to as linear or 1D barcode. The second generation barcode or 2D matrix code comes in patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns within images. Although 2D systems use symbols other than bars, they are still considered as barcodes.


We at Accede can link our client’s barcode printing and system to many software products including POS. Our barcodes can be created automatically for serial numbers and packing crates. Our label printing services is simple, easy to implement, and it is automated. We can currently link your existing database to Sage, MYOB, and other common platforms. Our features for our barcode printing services are extensive which includes:


  • Patient labeling
  • Food packaging
  • Asset management
  • Dispatch documentation
  • Manufacturing parts and point of sale items


We at Accede help businesses by providing a cost-efficient barcode printing solution. We customize our solution according to the specification of our client’s barcode equipment and we do test scans to verify or adjust our solution.



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