PDA Integration Services


At Accede, we can integrate your bookkeeping and accounting functions enabled to be accessed using your PDA device


mobilise_image_with_photoIn business, time is money and Accede Holdings understand the value of both in creating software solutions. We created a custom software solution that will integrate your database to PDA devices so that you can access customer information instantly. We are aware that most organizations equip their sales people with PDAs to instantly pull up  customer’s information whenever they want to. The problem, however, is that with the old system, it will take time to do that. We at Accede speeds up the process to give you the edge you need for your competition.


These are the following applications that we can integrate to work hand-in-hand with your PDA device:

  • Stock control and Warehouse Monitoring
  • Sales Monitoring that can turn into virtual sales room
  • Links to Google Maps and Sat Nav’s along with your data.
  • Automated billing and payment systems
  • Customer computer kiosks and POS cashier registers.
  • Automated SMS alerts.
  • Mobile applications particularly smartphones.

With Accede’s PDA integration service, you can have immediate access to your corporate information allowing users to stay connected with secured, real-time data.


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