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Business Growth Tips: How SMEs can realistically harness their data to increase sales

Can you as a SMEs compete with Corporate’s?  Here is a Guide on how increase your sales, have life balance and make more profits. The biggest difference between SMEs and Corporate’s  is that they generally have more people to give more smarts to using their data and leverage that they have...

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Knowing When to Quit your Business

Knowing when to quit your business is a question that all business owners must face one day.   We could quit because our business is taken from us, or we retire, or we choose to take another path, or we simply Quit and Stop.  Information about knowing when to quit your business...

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The 3 minute time manager: How effective, efficient business practices start with good personal time management systems

If you’re struggling to perform at your best due to being time poor or lacking work life balance, it is certainly true that the work we do at Accede in building effective database solutions will support your drive to be more efficient. However, after reflecting on the many business...

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